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Custom Colors

Yes, I do make custom colors and would love to create something for you!

If you'd like to duplicate a discontinued product or have a "cleaner" version made due to unwanted ingredients, you've come to the right place.  I can also create a color from scratch based on your description.  I will do my best to match not only the color, but finish and texture of the original as well. 
I charge $25 (per color) for custom work, plus item cost and shipping.
My eyeshadow pan size is 26mm, which currently sells for $12.95, but larger pan sizes are available upon request.
I also offer my existing colors in larger pans, if you'd like to have something
made in a blush size. 
To get started, please email me with some information about the custom work that you'd like to have done, and we can chat about the options and process. 


Note: I retain all rights to reproduce and sell any custom colors I create.