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I'm Angelica Telles, owner and designer of Prisma Palette.

I created my shop because I love everything colorful and I felt that green beauty could use a bold makeover.  In particular, I noted the lack of options available for a diverse range of people and wanted to do my part to remedy that.

All mineral makeup sold at Prisma Palette is handmade by me.  I formulate all my products, sometimes beginning with an idea that easily comes together; other times I make several versions of a color before it's just right.  

Prisma Palette was formerly known as Mother Bear's Handmade, an Etsy shop I started in 2015 as my interest in healthy cosmetics grew from a hobby to something more.  With my history in color development, this work comes naturally and brings me so much joy!  Thank you for allowing me to pass that joy on to you as I bring you beautiful supplies to create your art.

I hope you enjoy and please don't hesitate to reach out!